‘The Blueprint’

A Modest Monetary and Organizational Proposal for Re-launching the Economic Welfare of Communities

From New Directions in Catholic Social and Political Research
New Directions in Catholic Social and Political Research.
New Directions in Catholic Social and Political Research.

ABSTRACT: In this proposal we sketch, in very broad strokes, the economic contours of the ideal, communal district as we imagine it. In essence, the plan comprises a few corrective measures that, we believe, would improve the functioning of the economy.

So, with an eye single to social justice and to the damages of exploitation, the project seeks also to release creative potential by advocating the following measures.  First of all, 1) a system of monetary management based on the issuance of time-dated regional currency. In addition, the productive sphere requires 2) an organizational model of the firm in which individuals are not employees but “self-entrepreneurs” remunerated according to an agreed upon and detailed grid of roles and responsibilities. 3) Further changes are needed in the general arrangement of ownership. This calls for the assignment of community-owned capital usage to an entrepreneurial leadership democratically elected. The the leadership is, therefore, answerable only to the community. Likewise, economic efficiency demands 4) bio-agriculture, environmental conscientiousness, and a zero-waste policy. And, finally, 5) a redefinition of the approach to consumption by which the final user is systematically embedded in the productive process.

Full Essay
Full Essay in Spanish. Translation by Maria Schiaffino

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