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ABSTRACT:  A brief but thorough sociological outline of the hyper-modern setting, which I designate with the label of “Techno-Structure.” By this term, I intend the form that contemporary society, “modernity,” is assuming via a pervasive use of technology. And the trend seems to be that of pushing human collectivities into insect modes of organization. Within this framework,  I discuss environmental protection, morality, power, brutality, domination, and propaganda.  More in particular, I blend observations on the Politics of Diversity with recent reflections on the nature of violence.

The authors mentioned here are the French postmodern masters Georges Bataille and Michel Foucault. The curious aspect of this story is the use that the elites have made of their fantastic imagery. On the other side of the fence, I call attention to the testimonies of Thorstein Veblen and Leo Tolstoy. Theirs, in my view, are the proper sort of models to follow for developing a new compassionate blueprint for the re-organization of society.

The question here, as elsewhere, is always that of the management of slave-work. The thesis is the following. Despite society’s technical transformation, the persistence of violence and injustice is always a reverberation of the mood fomented by the elites in charge of the system. Therefore, before suggesting a reform agenda, I propose to work on the psyche of Man.

The seed of this essay is a reply that I offered as a discussant in a seminar. The occasion was  the papal encyclical Laudato Sí  (Pontifical Gregorian University, December 2015), 11 pp.

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