Unpublished fragment from Chapter 5 of Conjuring Hitler (2005)

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Conjuring Hitler.FROM THE ESSAY: There exists an amazing, prophetic  parallel between the financial performance of the Third Reich and Mephisto’s “miracle”  in Goethe’s Faust.  A series of extraordinary  events that took place in Germany after January 1933.  And it indeed is eerie that these events Germany’s tormented prelude to war had been foretold  in Goethe’s Faust.  Specifically, in the second part of the epic. The significance of Faust Part Two as a titanic fresco of modernity is an undisputed tenet of scholarship.  Therein Goethe conjures imaginary landscapes tenanted by species issued from medieval bestiaries. And these landscapes, Man (Faust), possessed by the Devil (Mephisto), proceeds blindly to savage, alter and transform with the use of technique and business investment. In Faust, economics is portrayed, and feared, as the continuation by other means of some dark alchemy…(15 pp).

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