The Incubation of Nazism

The Critical Act of Britain’s Strategy for Keeping Empire, 1900-1941
(synthesis of Conjuring Hitler)

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ABSTRACT: The object here is the emergence of the Third Reich. The first half of the twentieth century witnessed Britain’s determination to annihilate the threat of German hegemony. More specifically, the British Empire feared that a possible merger of the German Reich with czarist Russia might have given birth to the “Eurasian alliance.” Such an alliance would have signified the erection of a fastness in the heart of Eurasia. As a result, British strategists reckoned that the merger would have attracted in its orbit men, resources and geographical advantages in vast numbers. Numbers so high that it would have threatened, and eventually foiled British imperial domination across the world.

To prevent such an alliance, Britain embarked upon a extraordinary feat of aggression. The maneuver began with the Great War (1914-18). Which was followed by the fifteen-year long incubation of the Third Reich. What emerged from the gestation was the truculent foil that Britain would eventually need to set up in Germany in view of a second, two-front world conflict. In view, that is , of the final engagement that would have warranted the erasure of German rivalry once and for all (1933-43), 89 pp.

Unpublished (2005)

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