‘If Only the Russians Could Open their Archives’

Of Vetero-Marxist Ogresses, Historiographic Myths, and the Perennial Remoteness of Russia
An Afterword to the New Russian Edition of Conjuring Hitler

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Conjuring Hitler.
Conjuring Hitler.

FROM THE ESSAY: In the Afterword to the German edition (“four Years Since”), I “got even” with the Liberal imperialists. This new Russian edition affords me, on the other hand, the opportunity to settle scores with another gang of critics. As I set the stage for my riposte, I also touch on on geopolitics  and societal development.

The critique I set out to rebut is  that issuing from the so-called “Vetero-Marxist” stance.  By this, I mean that fanatical fringe of Marxian dogmatists that once ruled over large swathes of European academia. One of the many lamentable aspects of the current state of dereliction plaguing the (evanescent) world of dissent in our time is also due to the fact that the very few so called anti-imperialist “Leftists” that may be found in a handful of western universities are for the most part descendants of this acrimonious ~ and in my view, scientifically disgraceful~ lot. Some of them have literally raged against and, whenever they could, thwarted the diffusion of my book.

I herein list all the various pieces of their argumentation and respond point by point in successive parts dealing in turn with the myths of Marxism-Leninism, the debate on World War I, an addendum to my discussion of the Russian Civil War, Stefan T. Possony’ s biography of Lenin, the question of the relationship between Nazism and German capitalism, and the Russo-German military entente (20 pp).

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