The Ghibelline Globalists of the Techno-Structure

On the Current Destinies of Empire and Church
An Afterword to Sean Stone’s New World Order

ABSTRACT: In this Afterword, I focus on the connection between Empire and Church. The discussion is divided into three parts. The first is a reprise of the classic question of the relationship between secular and spiritual power. From Vico and Dante, my review moves to the  so-called “Conservative Revolutionaries” (Carl Schmitt, Julius Evola and Charles Maurras).

Hence, I argue that, versus organized religion, these Monarchists and Fascists anticipated the stance of  America’s Neoconservatives. And the latter, in turn, are behaving nowadays like the imperial potentates of the Middle Ages. These potentates sought to co-opt the Church as their charitable and spiritual annex (so-called “Ghibelline” strategy). While the Church, for her part, endeavored to manipulate temporal power for her own ends (“Guelph” strategy).  The experience of the Vatican in the first half of the twentieth century offers a pregnant illustration of this tension.

Finally, Ernst Jünger’s 1934 essay On Pain provides the key for deciphering the nature of the ongoing transformation of our “system.” And the issue of creed, of belief, is at the very center of this transformation. Modern society has developed into a system concomitantly characterized by oligarchic tenure and pervasive mechanization. One may accordingly designate the entire apparatus as the “Techno-Structure.”

It is here intimated  that America’s Techno-structure has deployed its partisan halves in an offensive against the Vatican. On one front, the “fanatical atheists” of the Democratic Left work to detach “progressives” from “conservatives.” They do so by forcing them to take adversarial sides on issues of sex management. On the other, the “die-hard Christians” of the Republican Right strive to amalgamate the Vatican and its flock of one plus billion souls. by appealing to the patriotic conservatism of the majority of Catholic leaders.

The conclusive impression is that the two incumbent “parties” of the Techno-Structure are equally imperialist, i.e. “Globalist,” and that by cooperating to absorb the Church for the greater glory of Anglo-America’s One-World Commonwealth, both of them (not just the Neocons) are de facto retracing the steps of the Ghibellines of old –i.e. of that medieval faction of imperialist zealots who propounded the Emperor’s spiritual superiority over that of the Pope.

In Sean Stone, New World Order. A Strategy of Imperialism (Walterville, OR: Trineday Publishing, October 2016).

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