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The Blog of Guido G. Preparata


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This is my blog. The themes I broach herein are as varied as those of my research: politics, sociology, economics, crime, history, culture, war, political economy, film, violence, and literature  —in essence, the focus is on the nature of power.

As its title — Ad Triarios — suggests, I seek to be as trenchant and definitive as possible.

Clearly, that is merely the aspiration. Socio-political phenomena, past and present, are complex enough; so much so that it would be inane to claim that one could, legionnaire-style, close the door on all issues discussed.

Yet I will try to set the discussion, as I always do, by stating the terms of the problem and providing (the beginning of) the solution to it.

All of this is to say that I look forward to engaging as many persons who will honor the blog (and website) with their visit, reading, and comments.




The Blog of Guido G. Preparata